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In 2019 I commuted 3 hours every day, and now I work from home. I never had a problem commuting to work. It was okay because I had time to listen to podcasts or new music.

One day I started thinking about the time I spend commuting to work and back home. I was actually shocked when I realized how much time I spend only to go to work.

Every workday, I commuted:

… and the same back home.

That’s in sum around 3 hours, every day. Extrapolated with 220 working days I commuted around 30.000 km (18.600 miles) or wasted 28 days. TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS! A whole month commute to work and back home, and the worst part is, I did the same the years before, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015.

Work from home

I decided to change this in 2020 and started a new job. I work from home now, and after the first few months, I can say it was the right decision. Not only because I can sit at my desktop with just a jogger :).


I changed some bad habits.


I build my own desktop with two big wooden boards from the hardware store. The desktop is 220x100 cm, that’s more than enough for my needs. I varnished the wooden boards with black lacquer.


I wanted the MARKUS swivel chair from Ikea, but it was sold out. So I bought a similar chair from Amazon.


Thinkpad X1 Carbon with Docking Station, external 27” Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse. That’s it.

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